Sunday, August 24, 2008

sunday morning

My summer has been consumed with thoughts of marriage. After a three month long trip to Asia with my live-in boyfriend, I attended a fabulous Texas wedding for the son of a family friend in March, and have been considering the implications in my own life if I were to marry every since. I think the combo of having such an amazing time with the boyfriend and seeing how a wedding draws people together really pleased me.

So, I have been quietly blog stalking all those fab wedding blogs that around around, collecting ideas, thoughts, concepts. All the while considering the best way to propose to my honey.

He's a computer engineer turned food critic and pro poker player. I'm a university student studying science (ugh, longest degree ever) and working at a newspaper as a photo and website editor. We've been together three years, are living together, and he's be the first to make many moves, so I thought I'd make one easier on him and ask for his hand in marriage.